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More room when you most need it!


We are Changing the Way the World Thinks About Expandable Vehicles

"Ettcor is dedicated to revolutionizing the construction, auto , racing, and mobile storage industries with our innovative expandable solutions.

Our mission is to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and profitability for professionals and fans in these sectors by delivering superior, adaptable, and space-efficient products.  We are ensuring our partners and clients achieve their operational goals with ease and excellence."

Open and Closed truck colage.jpg

We deliver best in the industry expandability, fast and effortless deployment and unmatched adaptability.

With a powerful and reliable on board hydraulic system, deploying and retracting is a one man, push of a button operation taking less than 30 seconds.

With unobstructed interior 22 ft wide and up to 54 feet long, the applicational flexibility is unlimited.


Curved and with overlapping like roof shingles components, our design is weather elements proof and can withstand strong winds and significant loads. 

Manufactured with well tested in the automotive industry materials  units are well insulated, maintenance free, fire and  corrosion resistant.


A revolutionary approach of folding all expandable parts under the ceiling when in transit allows our units to have a loading and transporting capacity as a regular vehicles with corresponding size.

An Invention that works
and has a real
Return of Investment

The last 2 years R.A.D.D.O's Demo Truck has been used as a Mobile Children's Studio

2.5 Million 



Cycles deployed 


Driven Miles



R.A.D.D.O.  is looking for partners in the following industries:

Automotive, auto racing  and RV


Experiential Marketing 

Mobile Office and Storage


 We are looking to raise 180,000 in exchange of 18% equity.

Use of funds

Boston, MA and New England are.

  1. Manufacture 6 demo units.

  2. Make the units available to 6 dealers for a month each.

  3. Grant exclusivity for distribution to one of the dealers  at the end of the month.

  4. Repeat the above process each month. In 2 years we will have a distribution network of 24 dealers, each one selling 1 unit a month with average price $ 30,000. 

  5. Ettcor's annual  revenue will grow to   $9,000,000   

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